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Broken cups and self-esteem
stained rugs and long lost dreams
Some have settled in the mud
Others vanished with the flood

In to fields of rye I run
I hide I fear the setting sun
And the wind will soon reply
Deeper you go deeper strive

Let me rest here for a while
Let me breathe my own consistence
Then I’ll be fine, yes I will be fine
Let me make it all worth while
Whisper words of no insistence
if you glow
I’ll start to shine

Send me of to wonderland
Let me join that marching band
Can you hear that trumpet blow
I will meet you there I know
Through that rabbit hole I slide
Over to the other side
I will wear a golden crown
I will wear it upside down

Scattered pieces on the ground
treasures lost and never found
once we owned our wilderness
and held it closely to our chests

Through the woods down crocked trails
over hills and countless tales
A little while and I will be gone
at the rise of early dawn

Go on your way

Go on your way and I’ll go mine
Follow them cracks, see, it runs back in time
What if and if only
You beat that drum slowly

Dress you self in satin and I’ll dress in black
When we reach that junction there’s no turning back
Tweak that sound up loud
It helps me keep my head in clouds

My heart keeps burning while your gaze is dead
I got thousand movie pictures running through my head
oh now the music is gone
still my hands clap along

Draw up a grid now let’s see what we got
lost and forsaken fits right into that spot
and what else have we learned
lets sum up what we earned
and what did we earn

Go on your way and I’ll go on mine
I follow the crack that runs back in time
I’ll might meet find you again somewhere along
that line that stretches runs out from where
right turned into wrong

Go on your way
I’ll be fine
I’m not afraid
I know I’ll find mine
what if and if only

The Factory

I was standing at the end of the horizon
and listening to he sound of clear cuts weep
and deep down in the valley white smoke was rising
in a sigh from a beast that never sleeps

It’s been a long time now since I stood upon this mountain.
and a familiar wind is whispering your name
and thou through the years time have called for changes
the hurting and the pain remains the same.

There at nights the red eyes cut us like a razor
and it kept feeding from our hopes and make beliefs
as the shadows of what may was growing longer
the years would wear away all our wistful dreams

But underneath a northern sky
I will dive into the night
So I put all my weight on one foot and I’ll make a leap so high
that I’ll reach the highest wall
climb over and then I will fall
into your arms.

We got old and (we) never found that four leaf clover
and the circus never rolled into our town
Now at the end of this rainbow, the party is over
down from the hills runs a hollow sound.

Lay Down Beside Me

Come lay down here beside me
While I rest my bones
We’re a long way from home now
And from where we started to roam

Lay your arms around this eerie stillness
Breathe some light into me
Let me see your smile once more, now
Maybe that will can set me free

Draw me nearer to you now, the wind is shifting
Can you hear the whippoorwill
The moon is hiding, and speaks in silence
Of a land beyond these hills

Wait a little longer, and hold me closer
The shadows swirling around your face
have I done all I could
is the wind all there is
did my walking leave a trace

A Grasshopper’s Lament


Give It Up and Give In

Have you wandered alone
down life’s crooked way
have you lived without love
oh for nights and for days
Now did you you search for the answers,
did you question yourself
was it all wasted tears
have you cried all those years
for nothing at all

Give it up and give in
don’t you fight it no more
Turn around turn around
don’t you open that door
It will bring you over
to the other side
and when the fire comes down
there’ll be no one around
to show you the way

All mans crumbling works
will be counted as lost
and around and round
all your ships will be tossed
And the sea will eat you
and swallow you down
Now was it all wasted tears
have you cried all those years
for nothing at all

Reckless Wind

If I found me a woman
one thing’s for sure
I will give her plenty
and she will ask for more
Then I’ll be gone
like a reckless wind
just to add another lie
to my list of sins

Life’s a gamble
you’ll pick and choose
It’s head or tales,
it’s win or loose
and it doesn’t matter
just how hard you try
‘cause you can never add the truth to a lie

I wanna climb a mountain
that’s too steep
I wanna swim waters
cold and deep
sometimes I laugh
when I should weep
I have to stand there on the edge
and take a leap

A tempting love
however strong
will never keep me
‘cause I need to roam
Then I’ll be gone
like a reckless wind
just to add another lie
to my list of sins

Silver and Gold

Show me your scars
and I’ll show you mine
whisper your secrets
through the walls of time
out in the darkness
the music plays on
silver and gold
soon all will be gone

Come with me now
this time is ours
let go of your fears
bring on the powers
stay by my side
and no one will harm you
follow the light
I walk right beside you

I’m a stranger to roses
but friends with the thorns
I walk through hells fire
and I never feel cold
I come with this gift
now don’t be afraid
I’m the last man on earth
I will stay in the shade

Come with me now
this time is ours
let go of your fears
bring down the powers
stay by my side
and no one will harm you
follow that light
I walk right beside you

Come with me now
this night is ours
let go of your fear
bring on the powers
stay by my side
and no one will harm you
follow that light
I walk right beside you

Show me your scars
and I’ll show you mine
whisper your secrets
through the great walls of time
out in the darkness
the music plays on
silver and gold
soon all will be gone

Soon all will be gone

The Duke

Allright now, here we go….

Now, loving
What’s the point, my dear?
She said it all
and made it all so clear
If you do love somebody
then, you know,
you’ve got to let it show
or else, let her go

Now, hurting
That’s an old friend of mine
and he’ll be with me
‘til the end of the line
when everybody else
will honk you down
he’ll choose to stay around
well, let him wear the crown

Don’t roll away the stone
let me dwell here in my cave
I’ll be dancing, drinking
while I’m digging my own grave
my kingdom needs no horse
no remorse
no queen
no spleen
no, no beauty dreams
no happy end
thank you
I’m quite content

Now, healing
There’s no use in being blue
I knew my time
when it was well overdue
I’m the duke of deflection
my selection
of broken hearts
torn apart
It’s a state of art

So don’t roll away the stone…

Thank you, but I’m fine

Us Against the World

I’ve assembled myself
and I’ve poisoned the well
I’ve cursed and I cried out for help
Now I run in this haze
trying to backtrack the traces
to where I first saw that smile on your face

And to hell with it all
I might win I might fall
we said it was all for the best
here we silently bowed
and we made our vows
It was us against the world

I was lost you were hurt
we carved our names in the dirt
and sealed our confessions in blood
when we walked down the aisle
the trees trembled and smiled
we could have walked for a thousand years

But we picked the wrong trail
I don’t know where we failed
well I guess we weren’t blessed from the start
But we held on to our dream
and we sang out our theme
Us against the world

But the wind lost direction
the sky its reflection
all the colors blurred into grey
we got scared of the ones
that sang for no reason
while the days just faded away

Well I know that they say
that all flesh is hay
but it won’t give me no time to rest
I’ll be home by tonight
so don’t shut out the light
‘cause it’s us against the world

Red Robe

I was still awake
when they nailed me to the floor
the ceiling kept on spinning
someone shouted “Give him more”
It was Jeremiah Walker
friend of Douglas Clerk
I always had considered him
to be some kind of jerk

Say goodbye say goodbye
to your family and friends
you lying, cheating bastard
we will kill you in the end
they plucked me like an old hen
and painted me with tar
and the flames the went higher
I was aiming for the stars

It’s funny now how things sometimes
turn out to go so wrong
with all the good intentions
the Devil comes along
and he gives you an offer
that you just can’t refuse
and suddenly you’ve sold yourself
and your soul will be used

I could have had it all
I held it in my hand
it was a little white dove
I just don’t understand
I’m proud to meet my maker
and his only son
just give me my make up
and put my red robe on

Put my red robe on

That Idiot Wind

I wonder if you picture me
hung up from an old oak tree
will you use that phrase
when you see my face
the funny one about the human race

Someday the first will be the last
and the loser’s gonna kick some ass
do you still see him
the skinny one that couldn’t swim

Standing in the hallway
wasted on a Monday
all I know is I gotta go
and I have to see you
Just made it half way
got to call in sick
I got to get laid
pull yourself together now
there’s a strange and familiar sound
blowing through my mind
That’s the idiot wind

It’s kind of strange
I’m out of range
and I see myself from up above
I can’t walk
I can barely talk
and I’m locked up in my own thoughts

You’re sweet and kind
like the finest wine
you hold the key
that will release me
there´s nothing I can do
now it’s all up to you

Standing in the hallway…

Count Me In

I know you treasure freedom
you say it all the time
I just want to be with you
and for Gods sake that’s no crime

You think you can get rid of me
by playing hard to get
But I do know a trick or to
You ain´t seen nothing yet
No you ain´t seen nothing yet

You can do as you please
go where you want
live as you like
and wear what you want
drive any car
travel free and far
as long as you count me in

And if some old way you love me
then I know for sure
and your poor attempt to hide it well
just makes me love you more

And I’m not going anywhere
no matter how you act
I’m staying right beside you
so you’d better face the fact
Yes you’d better face the fact

‘Cause you can do as you please…

Crawl Back

Come gather around me people
and a story I will tell
I wrestled with the Devil
and I faced the gates of Hell
I met this fair young maiden
she would lead us all astray
and if you ever touch her lips
she’ll drain you dry as hay

She will snare you with her long black hair
as you drown into her eyes
you fade away your life’s a slay
the raven’s flying upside down
she will peel your skin off
and crush your bones
and feed it to the hogs
the dogs will cry out like a little boy
and soldier, so will you

Crawl back baby, crawl back
back into your hole
Lord, have mercy
on this poor and worthless soul
The night is growing darker
the end is coming near
Trust me, if you touch her lips
it’s all downhill from here

There’s no escape, there’s no way out
there’ll be no flowers on your grave
she will bite your tongue off
and let you sing
the last words you had to say
you will turn yourself inside out
and spin around while you choke
up another roach
this is not a hoax, no
this is not a joke

So crawl back, baby, crawl back…

Back in Town

I’m back in town
I’ve been gone for a while
I’m walking the streets
with the worlds biggest smile
I’m happy to be here
I’ve been long gone
the lure of the city
brought me back home

Cause I spent some years
on the country side
some pretty young girl
took me there for a ride
I work on her fields
from spring to fall
just to find out that blue jeans
don’t suite me at all

When the winter storms
were coming on strong
I said to myself
hey, now something’s wrong
there’s no need for me staying here
trying to be a country boy

I wasn’t made for this country life
with a pick up as a home
and a horse for a wife
no I was born
to slide down the street
and to fall in love
with every woman I meet

So now I’m back in the city
with its bright neon lights
with too much of drinking
and ballroom fights
I’m gambling and hustling
living my dream
it’s so much better
than it might seem
When the winter storms…

Talking to a Barman

I know I live my life
on my own selfish ground
I never had the patience
to really stay around
I choose to live alone
for better and for worse
now this totally empty feeling
has become a curse

Maybe it’s your beer
that’s made me want to talk
maybe I’m just fed up
from my aimless walk
My story on your counter
gives my poor heart ease
so poor me another one
won’t you please

‘Cause we all need a background
on which we can depend
but there’s nothing left
where my past used to stand
I choose to live alone
for better and for worse
now this totally empty feeling
has become a curse

My pitiful confession
is coming to its end
and I will rent a room from you
my substitute friend
you don’t need to show me
I can find it on my own
I can have some restless hours
before I’ll be gone

‘Cause we all need a background…

Up and Down These Roads

I’ve been up and down these roads
and around and round this world I’ve roamed
like a reckless miner on a quest for gold
with this growing fear of getting old

Now I know what this is all about
‘cause some things in life you can’t do without
I was blind but you made me see
and now I hope you still wait for me

I’m going home
to the ones I love
I’m gonna wrap myself around them
never to let go
Now I know
what this is all about
now my heart has told me
what I can’t do without

‘Cause I’ve travelled far across this land
and now at last I understand
that the more you give the more you get
it’s a lesson learned I won’t forget

I’m going home
to the ones I love…

Mountain Songs Maxida Märak & Downhill Bluegrass Band


The Mountain

I was born on this mountain a long time ago
Before they knocked down the timber and strip-mined the coal
When you rose in the mornin’ before it was light
To go down in that dark hole and come back up at night

I was born on this mountain, this mountain’s my home
She holds me and keeps me from worry and woe
Well, they took everything that she gave, now they’re gone
But I’ll die on this mountain, this mountain’s my home

I was young on this mountain but now I am old
And I knew every holler, every cool swimmin’ hole
‘Til one night I lay down and woke up to find
That my childhood was over and I went down in the mine

There’s a hole in this mountain and it’s dark and it’s deep
And God only knows all the secrets it keeps
There’s a chill in the air only miners can feel
There’re ghosts in the tunnels that the company sealed

East of the Mountains

I stood on a mountain and I looked down below
I came up here to see the valleys so green and the hills where the tall timber grows
Now they cut down the timber, left the hills in a shroud
a low, mournful sound abides in the ground where the woods once stood silent and proud

The wicked wind blows and it cut through my clothes, finding its way to my soul
There’s no place to hide and it eats me inside, leaves just an empty black hole

I spent years of my childhood in this kingdom of mine
I knew this land like the back of my hand where I always could find peace of mind
Now a cold rain is falling from a colorless sky
on a land primed in grey with just hard rocks and clay, I hang my head down and I cry

The wicked wind blows and it cut through my clothes, finding its way to my soul
There’s no place to hide and it eats me inside, leaves just an empty black hole.